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Solve complex business problems and accelerate innovation. QpiAI Marketplace can help you improve business with prebuilt or custom solutions from certified AI & Quantum professionals.

How does the marketplace work?

QpiAI Explorer Certification

Students who score distinction in our certification program gain access to QpiAI Solutions Marketplace via QpiAI Pro.

QpiAI Pro

QpiAI-Pro is an all-in-one data and AI platform for data preparation, automated model generation, model deployment and ML-ops with little coding. Models and solutions bought on QpiAI Marketplace will be usable on QpiAI Pro directly without any further hassle.

QpiAI Marketplace

QpiAI-Marketplace is a platform for users, mainly enterprises, to find and buy AI and Quantum solutions to solve their business problems.

QpiCloud Collaborative Platforms

Enterprises can work with solutions providers on Marketplace to solve their complex business problems. They can integrate readily available products or hire solutions providers to create custom solutions on Collaborative platforms that will be available through QpiCloud.

From Prebuilt to Custom Solutions.
Choose what you need.

QpiAI Marketplace will have prebuilt AI & Quantum solutions that you can directly integrate with your enterprise workflow. Can’t find a product that suits your needs? Solution providers can create a custom product to suit your needs.

AI Models & Quantum Marketplace

Buy AI Models & Quantum solutions and integrate easily with QpiAI Pro.


Hire our sellers to create custom made solutions that solve your specific business problems.

Industry Verticals









Use Cases

Price Optimization

Natural Language Processing

Vision Processing

Text Analytics

Computer Vision

Named Entity Recognition

Fraud Prevention

Anomaly Detection

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Direct Integration with QpiAI Pro.

All solutions bought on QpiAI Marketplace will be directly available on your QpiAI Pro Account. Buy, test and integrate into your workflow without any further hassle.

Collaborate and create. At Scale.

Solution Providers on QpiAI Marketplace will be available on QpiCloud’s Collaboration Platforms (a.k.a. CPs) where they can collaborate with enterprises to create complex workflows easily. This allows solving of complex business problems and accelerates innovation.

Only Verified Sellers.

Solution Providers on QpiAI Marketplace are carefully vetted with a certification exam and only the best (students who score above 90%) get to be a part of QpiAI Marketplace. No compromise on quality.

Want AI & Quantum solutions?

Solve your business problems easily with QpiAI Marketplace. Register today and we’ll keep you in our priority list when we roll out early access to marketplace.

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    One place to purchase AI Models and Quantum solutions to solve your business problems, from simple to complex.

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